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How to choose PE electrostatic protective film?

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How to choose PE electrostatic protective film?

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In the choice of surface protective film PE skills, the quality of the protector is static, do not choose glue, glue protective film for a long time will melt down and yellow, very troublesome, often with glue on the screen is difficult to remove.

Some liquid crystal electrostatic protective film can also play a role in protecting eyesight, reducing radiation. PE protective film really good electrostatic spray film on the paste environment requirements are not high, but in the wet environment paste will be less dust, more convenient.

1, PE protective film has 90% super high transmittance. The screen image is not distorted, so that the image is more bright.

2, PE protective film has advanced Anti - glare low reflective optical precision coating. Can stop 99.7% light, clear vision is not dazzling.

3, PE protective film using Japan's new technology, electrostatic adsorption. The utility model has the advantages of simple and convenient use, no general protection, and the phenomenon that the film is easy to be deformed and removed at room temperature.

4, PE protective film has UV furnace transformer super anti glare mirror treatment, can eliminate 99% glare and flash, to prevent the reflection of external light source.

5, PE protection film can remove more than 99.7% of the screen micro radiation, protect your health!

6, PE protective film has super anti fouling treatment. It can effectively prevent dust and grease.

7, the full range of PE protective film using 0.25mm super thickness, and the screen naturally integrated, taking into account the thin and protective effect.

8, PE protective film has >4H lens super hardness. Can prevent scratch, impact, effectively protect the LCD screen.

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